2020 Winter Salt Trainings

Winter maintenance professionals directly impact the future of our water. By utilizing proper application rates and techniques, they can support public safety, save money, and protect our freshwater. Local trainings  are currently available in the following counties. Don't see your county listed? Send an email to wisaltwise@gmail.com.


In order to reduce oversalting, the City of Madison has created a voluntary Winter Salt Certification Program open to all Dane County contractors. This program educates winter maintenance professionals on the importance of responsible salt use, how to calculate proper application rates based on conditions, and technological advancements (brining, new spreading equipment and alternative products).

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Note: All 2020 trainings will be virtual workshops and include an online assessment.Salt truck

Smart Salting: Parking Lots and Sidewalks - 

Monday, Aug. 17; Friday, Oct. 2; Tuesday, Oct. 27;  Tuesday, Nov. 17

Smart Salting: Roads (for high and low-speed snowplow drivers) -

Tuesday, Aug. 18; Wednesday, Oct. 28


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Milwaukee Riverkeepers hosts annual workshops on snow and ice control best practices to reduce impacts of road salt to local water quality. Participants learn state-of-the-art winter maintenance practices, including how to transition to liquid deicers to reduce overall salt application to parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks.
Upcoming Trainings: Smart Salting for Property Managers - Thursday, November 12
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Smart Salting: Parking Lots and Sidewalks -  Tuesday, Sept. 8
Smart Salting: Roads - Tuesday, Sept. 22


To learn more, email jjenks@waukeshacounty.gov






WI Salt Wise Partnership: A coalition of organizations working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water.